Pewsey Vale Vineyard


Louisa Rose


Louisa Rose, multi-award winning winemaker, wine judge and a cool climate enthusiast, has been making Pewsey Vale Vineyard wines since 1996 and is a firm believer in the philosophy 'wine is made in the vineyard'.

“Often winemakers have to blend across different vineyards to make complete and balanced wines, but this is not the case with Pewsey Vale. The relationship between the Riesling and the unique, undulating site along with single varietal dedication, provides depth, diversity and dimension.”

Darrell Kruger


Darrell Kruger has been viticulturalist at Pewsey Vale Vineyard for more than 40 years. Darrell shares Louisa’s belief that great Riesling is made in the vineyard. To that end, they spend a lot of time together walking the rows of vines and keeping a close eye on the grapes.

“I’ve come to know this vineyard intimately over the past four decades or so. It’s quite a responsibility tending the vines in the oldest vineyard in the Eden Valley but it’s also something I’m very proud of.”